MCU in Review Issue No. 1: “Iron Man” (2008)

Welcome back to PFR Weekly! We’ve been on a production hiatus for much longer than we anticipated, but we are SO EXCITED to be back on mic. We are also excited that we get to introduce something new for PFR Weekly: a limited series. This comes in the form of “MCU in Review,” a stretch of episodes where we discuss each of the Marvel Cinematic Universe entries in release order as we build up to Black Widow (2021) debuting in theaters this July. 

To do this, Devin is joined by his dear friend and fellow Marvel nerd, Teddy. A new face on PFR, Teddy and Devin already spend hours talking about various Marvel theories and nerdiness, so they decided it was time to do it for #content. The “MCU in Review” journey begins today with their dive into Iron Man (2008), the movie that started the whole MCU project. Through a combination of free-wheeling conversation and a few categories, Devin and Teddy navigate through the complicated but fun legacy of Iron Man. 

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