PFR One (Hundred) Year(s) in Film: 2021 Edition

After missing out on this tradition last year, we at Portland Film Review decided to dust off our One (Hundred) Year(s) in Film list for another go-round. For those who have not seen either our 2018 or 2019 editions, the general idea is this: Jane, Nathan, and Devin go back through the last century of film and pick a favorite from the year in each decade that corresponds to our current new year. So, in 2018, we picked favorites films from 1918, 1928, 1938, and so on, and this year will see us pick from 1921, 1931, and up through the decades. It gives a chance to spotlight the older films we love that we don’t often get a chance to highlight, and maybe you, dear reader, will find a few you want to check out.


Nathan: Manhatta

Devin: The Kid


Nathan: Kameradschaft

Devin: Frankenstein


Jane: Citizen Kane

Nathan: Citizen Kane

Devin: The Maltese Falcon


Jane: Strangers on a Train

Nathan: Strangers on a Train

Devin: Strangers on a Train


Jane: West Side Story 

Nathan: Last Year at Marienbad 

Devin: Yojimbo


Jane: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Nathan: Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

Devin: Fiddler on the Roof


Nathan: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Devin: Raiders of the Lost Ark


Jane: The Silence of the Lambs

Nathan: Shadows and Fog

Devin: The Silence of the Lambs


Jane: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 

Nathan: Ocean’s Eleven

Devin: Spirited Away


Jane: Hanna

Nathan: Les Intouchables 

Devin: Moneyball

(Looking forward to) 2021

Jane: Nomadland 

Nathan: The Tragedy of Macbeth

Devin: Dune

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