Jane’s Dream Thanksgiving Table

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we at Portland Film Review have decided to put together pieces that are a twist on the classic question ‘What fictional character would you most want to have dinner with?’ In this spirit, we have each put together a list of the movie and TV characters we would assemble for our ideal Thanksgiving dinner table. Once you have had a chance to read over each of ours, make sure to visit our Instagram or Facebook on Thanksgiving Day to vote on which writer’s table you would most like to join. 


Character: Jo March (Saoirse Ronan) – Little Women (2019)

What they’re bringing: A story she wrote to read after dinner

Why I want them at the table: Jo is quick-witted and brilliant. She would regale us all with fascinating stories, either those she had written herself, or actual adventures that had occurred at the school she runs. I would love to listen to, and participate in, conversations with her about authors and writing. Plus, she would not stand for any nonsense or tall tales from LeBoeuf (see below) and would keep everyone in check. She also enjoys dancing (flailing?), which would be fun after dinner. 

Character: LeBoeuf (Matt Damon) – True Grit (2010)

What they’re bringing: Filthy water he lapped from a hoofprint

Why I want them at the table: LeBoeuf would be the perfect dinner guest because he would be so grateful to be eating more than canned beans heated over a campfire for dinner that he would be polite and gracious. Having traveled across the country (ineffectually) pursuing a variety of criminals, he would also no doubt have fascinating stories to entertain the table with. Of course, Jo March would hold him to account and ensure that his lies never become too sensational. 

Character: Dina (Tiffany Haddish) – Girls Trip (2017)

What they’re bringing: A bottle of wine (to smash over someone’s head if need be) 

Why I want them at the table: Dina would have us all in stitches throughout the night, as she is utterly hilarious and has perfect comic timing. I imagine everyone else at the table would be good sports about it as she would tease all of us. She is also a fiercely loyal friend and would no doubt contribute to good spirits and good feelings at the dinner table. 

Character: Alex Honnold – Free Solo (2018)

What they’re bringing: A skillet filled with chili, spinach, and sweet potatoes, to be eaten straight out of the pan with a spatula 

Why I want them at the table: Okay, this one is kind of cheating, but I would just really love to talk to Alex Honnold, whether that be on Thanksgiving or at any other time of year. He seems to be polite and quiet so would be a good dinner guest, but he’s obviously passionate about what he does. It would be amazing to hear about his travels and the climbs that he has completed. 

Character: Remy (Patton Oswalt) – Ratatouille (2007)

What they’re bringing: Ratatouille, of course 

Why I want them at the table: I enjoy cooking, but I’m not sure I could handle cooking an entire Thanksgiving banquet by myself. Remy, however, certainly could. Therefore, I would have him be my head chef as well as my guest. Of course, every Thanksgiving needs a little chaos, and adding a rat into the mix would definitely accomplish that. Hopefully my other guests would be understanding of my choice… 


What did you think of the list? Make sure to visit our Instagram or Facebook page on Thanksgiving Day to vote for which table you would want to sit at!

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