PFR Weekly: Ryan Coogler Part III – Redefining Pop Culture with “Black Panther” (2018)

A bit of context: We recorded this episode before the tragic news of Chadwick Boseman’s passing, and so the episode does not deal with his death at all. We debated re-recording with this new information, but decided to preserve this conversation as is to complete the Ryan Coogler series. Instead of re-recording, we will record a separate episode to release later this week that will focus exclusively on Boseman’s life, filmography, and broader impact on the world. Now to this week’s episode.


Here we are, somehow at the end of PFR Weekly’s three-part dive into the directorial filmography of Ryan Coogler. This week Jane, Nathan, and Devin travel to Wakanda to bask in the unparalleled cultural and filmmaking accomplishment that is Black Panther (2018).

Black Panther is that rare film that gives you just as much to talk about within the frame as outside of it. Marvel’s first movie with a top-billed Black superhero, Black Panther was released under an intense amount of scrutiny and still somehow managed to blow away expectations. The film showcases Coogler as a director who never ceases to reinvent his style, while still carrying over a number of calling cards that made the first two films in this series, Fruitvale Station and Creed, so remarkable. The gang also traces the continued presence of themes that Coogler seems to hold dear, and how he works those blisteringly real-life issues and concepts into a movie that takes place mostly in a fictional country. Plus, because it wouldn’t be an episode in this arc without it, the gang spends a lot of time considering Michael B. Jordan’s performance before wrapping up this arc with a number of final thoughts on Coogler and where he might go next. 

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