Introducing “PFR Weekly,” A Portland Film Review Podcast


We here at Portland Film Review have decided that it’s high time we dove in and made our own podcast, and that comes in the form of PFR Weekly. As the name suggests, each week, editors Jane, Nathan, and Devin will sit down to talk about film, television, and the entertainment industry writ large.

However, we are launching the show with a particular theme to connect with our push to do a better job covering works from creators of color. Therefore our first season will be focused exclusively on the hosts deep-diving into a different film from a Black director each week.

This first episode is all about introducing Jane, Nathan, and Devin, and then following the three as they discuss why they feel it’s so important to do this project right now.

If you have a suggestion for a film or topic for the show, get in touch! Follow and message us on Instagram at @portland_film_review or FaceBook at Portland Film Review,  or send us an email at Plus, if you like what you hear, make sure to follow and review us wherever you get your podcasts.

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