Weekly Round-Up: 8/18 – 8/24

Higher pricing for movie tickets

It’s no secret that Netflix and other streaming services have revolutionized how, where and when we access movies and TV shows. In response, AMC Theatres is trying something new: a new pricing initiative wherein movies that are “of higher appeal” will be more expensive than others. As this article in Variety explores, the initiative raises a lot of questions. Who determines what movies are of highest appeal? Will viewers choose to wait until the movies come out on streaming services rather than pay the heftier prices? I guess at a time when movie theatres are struggling, AMC is willing to try it out and see what comes of it. 

What to read after watching Tarantino’s latest film

After watching Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood (2019), I immediately had a lot of questions, mostly about the film’s historical accuracy, but also the normal myriad of wonderings that often occurs after finishing a Tarantino film. I wasn’t alone; the film has generated strong reactions, from awe to dislike to confusion. To help clear our heads, The New York Times has here compiled a slew of suggested readings about the movie, including articles about the portrayal of Sharon Tate, Margot Robbie’s paucity of lines and interviews with the cast and crew.

Good Boys (2019): “uninspired” and “mediocre”

I recently watched Superbad (2007) for the first time, and the same producers of that film just released Good Boys, which is about a bunch of sixth graders getting into trouble. While parts of Superbad were sweet, much of it ended up being dick jokes and raunchy high school humor that grew old after a while. It seems from this review in Variety that Good Boys falls into much the same repetitive trap. Much as I love Jacob Tremblay, the premise of the film sounds like it would quickly grow stale.

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