Weekly Round-Up: 7/7 – 7/13

Anatomy of Midsommar (2019)

In this short clip from The New York Times, director Ari Aster narrates a sequence from his recently-released film, Midsommar (2019). (The scene takes place pretty early on in the film, so there’s no major spoilers. You can watch it even if you haven’t seen the film yet). In the clip, Aster describes the planning and various thought processes that went into the scene, from sound design to visual effects, in order to create the intended result. It’s fascinating to see how much work went into just one scene and leads you to appreciate the countless hours of work that are necessary to create an entire film, especially one as complex as Midsommar.

Stranger Things boosts Netflix

I have not yet watched the last episode of Season 3 of Stranger Things (NO ONE SAY ANYTHING!) This means that 1) I cannot yet share my thoughts on the season has a whole and 2) I have been steadfastly avoiding any mention of the show on social media, which has been a challenge… However, I can share the exciting news that 40.7 million accounts watched the show since its July 4 debut, making it the biggest-ever audience on Netflix for any film or TV series in its first four days. As Netflix reports in this piece from Variety, ex-subscribers said they are even planning to re-subscribe, just to watch Stranger Things. So even though The Office and Friends will soon be leaving Netflix, it doesn’t appear that the streaming giant has much to worry about.

The Farewell (2019) coming soon 

I’m so excited to see Lulu Wang‘s newest feature film, The Farewell (2019), which stars Awkwafina in a very against-type role. In it, Billi (Awkwafina) travels with her family to China, ostensibly for a family wedding but really to see her grandmother, who is dying of terminal cancer — except she doesn’t know it. Wang has said the film is based on her own grandmother’s illness, and just watching the trailer, it looks to be heartbreaking, poignant and hilarious while also grappling with the different cultural expectations in America and China. The film has gotten great reviews, especially for Awkwafina’s performance, and I can’t wait to see it.

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