Weekly Round – Up: 6/16 – 6/22

Less than two weeks!

In 13 days, “Stranger Things” Season 3 will premiere on Netflix. This season will be different than the two that have preceded it. For one thing, it takes place in the summertime (the season’s tagline is “one summer can change everything.”) For another, the kids are older now; as Mike (Finn Wolfhard) says in the trailer, “We’re not kids anymore.” (*sob*) Theories have been swirling around the internet as eager fans try to predict what’s to come in the new season. Finally, we have some idea of what to expect with the release of some behind-the-scenes images from Netflix. Lots of scenes appear to take place at an outdoor pool and at Hawkins’ new mall, and the kids look adorable in their 80s gear, complete with colorful scrunchies. We’ll just have to wait and see what the Duffer brothers throw at us this season!


“Queer Eye” scores another season

In other Netflix news, the streaming giant recently announced that “Queer Eye” will debut its fourth season on July 19. The new season will take place in Kansas City, and the Fab Five will be working their magic on eight new people. In addition, we can expect a four-episode special which takes place in Japan, although the date for that release has not yet been announced. And if you haven’t had enough of the Fab Five, there will also be a fifth season of the show. Rest assured: there is plenty of heartwarming “Queer Eye” content on the way!


LGBTQ representation in Hollywood

In honor of Pride, it’s time to discuss Hollywood’s successes and failures when it comes to representation of the LGBTQ community in mainstream filmmaking. In this article from Variety, Ramin Setoodeh and Elizabeth Wagmeister dissect Hollywood’s attitudes towards LGBTQ actors and discuss the difference between movie and TV representation. There have been some success stories in recent years; films such as Carol (2015), Call Me By Your Name (2017), and Love, Simon (2018) have brought gay love stories into the mainstream. However, all of these films came from independent studios, and it’s still a struggle to cast LGBTQ actors. Oftentimes, straight actors get chosen to play these roles. So as we celebrate our successes this month, let’s also remember that there is still more progress to be made. 

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