Weekly Round-Up # 15: 3/17 – 3/23


Get ready for more demogorgon hunting because the trailer for Stranger Things Season 3 is here! The new season drops July 4 with the tagline “one summer can change everything.” According to the trailer, things have changed in Hawkins, Indiana. The kids are older now; as Mike (Finn Wolfhard) says, “We’re not kids anymore.” There’s a shiny new mall downtown. Mad Max (Sadie Sink) has become an official member of the gang and, apparently, close friends with Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown)! But in addition to the usual cute hijinks, the kids will also get up to plenty of monster hunting. I can’t wait!

Rock Climbing Technique with Alex Honnold

Devin shared this video with me recently of famed free solo climber Alex Honnold dissecting rock climbing technique in movies. Honnold, who recently gained further attention with the release of the film Free Solo (2018), knows nearly everything there is to know about rock climbing, from technology to technique to gear, and as someone who knows very little about any of it, I found his remarks fascinating, especially because most rock climbing scenes in movies look pretty real to me and I wouldn’t know the difference. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Technique Critique

I’ve watched the Technique Critique videos over and over and am always interested by the level of expertise the speakers bring. Wired produces Technique Critique, which brings experts in fields such as linguistics, medicine and forensics to critique films regarding their accents, medical scenes and forensic examination. All of the videos deepen my appreciation for the level of detail that goes into creating films every step of the way, from the roll of a tongue to simple medical lingo. Watching the videos makes you appreciate when an actor gets an accent spot on (or roll your eyes when a film botches something simple) and realize what an impact such decisions have on the overall impact of a movie.

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