Weekly Round-Up #2: 9/23—9/29

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up #2! Below I’ve listed a few articles from the week that I found particularly fascinating and worth reading. Enjoy!


The Hollywood Reporter: Docs Are Booming, But Will It Last? 

While biographies in the form of books are very common, films of the same nature seem to be less so. I enjoyed this piece because it discussed not only the current trend in terms of the prevalence of documentary films but also past trends and the distinction between documentaries for theaters and documentaries for television.


Variety: #MeToo Survivors on the Year That Rocked Hollywood

Given the timing of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, this seems like an appropriate time to reflect on the #MeToo movement and how it has shaped the film industry, Hollywood, and those who work in it. In this article, women in Hollywood discuss what they think still needs to change.


IndieWire: Ethan Hawke Has One Fix to Make Film Schools Better: Teach Directors About Acting

This piece is not really topical; I just found it interesting. I recently watched Ethan Hawke in First Reformed (which I would recommend), so I was intrigued. I know exactly what Hawke is talking about when you find yourself yelling at the screen because an actor is being stupid, and I appreciate actors like him who take the time to ask the basic questions. 

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